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The number of international competitors reaches a record high in Taitaja2014 Skills Categories

The number of international guest competitors applied to vocational skills categories included in the Taitaja2014 event has reached a record high. Altogether 30 foreign students from ten different countries participate 23 categories. In addition, there will be four students from abroad observing two skills categories. Also, a comprehensive representation of experts in vocational training and vocational skills events from all over the world will be present.

This year international competitors will be coming mainly from Europe. Estonia and France are the two single countries with most participants. The Taitaja2014 event will provide many competitors an opportunity to get experience before the EuroSkills takes place in Lille, France in October this year. Taitaja2014 will almost match the EuroSkills competition in size and offers its competitors an opportunity to be comparing their skills on an international level.  

The guest competitors are going to accomplish the same competition tasks as the Finnish finalists or they will receive tasks especially adapted for them, depending on their particular skills category. Due to the variation in the contents of the vocational qualifications, educational arrangements and studies in different countries, the competition tasks have to be adapted for the foreign participants in several categories. The quest competitors will be competing side by side with their Finnish counterparts but they won´t, however, compete for the Finnish Championships. The language in the competition will be English. The guest competitors can be assisted, if necessary, by their own coaching teachers acting as interprets.

VIP guests from all over the world coming over

When coming to Lahti, the international competitors will bring along their teachers in the role of coaches. Furthermore, a comprehensive number of other foreign guests will be coming over as the Taitaja2014 event will be followed by professionals in vocational education and vocational skills events not only from Europe but also from Brazil, South Korea, India and Egypt. VIP guests include President of WorldSkills International, Mr Simon Bartley, among others.

Taitaja has a good reputation and it is widely recognized for well-organised, high-quality events. The umbrella organisation for Taitaja, Skills Finland spreads information effectively through its active international operations. Also, Salpaus Further Education has a mighty network of international partners that are sending their representants to Lahti. All in all, Finnish vocational education and opportunities of networking with new partners interest our international guests.