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406 Electrical Installations

sähköasennus jaakola-siimes kalle
Image: Skills Finland / Jaakko Manninen

Competition Coordinators

Marko Kangas
Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
tel. +358 (0)44 708 1377

Kalle Pärssinen
Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
tel. +358 (0)44 708 1046


 406 Sahkoasennus Juho Lasarov netti

Juho Lasarov

406 sähköasennus Heikki Hintikka netti

Heikki Hintikka

406 Sähköasennus Sakari Vuorinen netti

Sakari Vuorinen

 406 Sähköasennus Nino Malkki netti

Nino Malkki

406 Sähköasennus Werner Sillanpää netti

Werner Sillanpää
Salon seudun

406 Sähköasennus Toni Mononen netti

Toni Mononen
Liedon ammatti-
ja aikuisopisto

406 Sähköasennus Miika Jakkula netti

Miika Jakkula
Oulun seudun

406 Sähköasennus Jesse Leinonen netti
Jesse Leinonen

Espoon seudun
yhtymä Omnia

The Guest Competitors

 406 sähköasennus ivan gedzul netti

Ivan Gedzul
College, Russia

 kuva Tommi Kärkkäinen vieraskilpailija EuroSkills 2014 Lille sähköasennuslaji 406 netti

Tommi Kärkkäinen

Patrick Biesemaat / The Netherlands

Overview of the competition

Electricians carry out installation, operation and maintenance work in industrial facilities, electricity installation companies and as contractors. Depending on the role, electrician's duties range from electricity supply installations, lighting and equipment installations at properties, and installation, programming, repair and customer service related to low voltage systems.

The competition tasks are designed to measure vocational competence across the broad job description of electricians. The tasks are designed to simulate real-world electricians' tasks as closely as possible.

Competition type

The competition is done individually.

Competence requirements

The competition tasks are based on the national Level 3 (excellent) requirements of the Vocational Qualification in Electrical and Automation Engineering.

The competition is based on the components of the Vocational Qualification in Electrical and Automation Engineering and on real-world workplace requirements for young employees. Graduates who complete the vocational qualification can work as electricians.

In electrical installations, special emphasis is placed on safe working practices, compliance with regulations governing the industry, and on the high standard of work results. Attention is also paid to work methods, the ability to interpret drawings, awareness of materials and costs, cooperation skills and documentation.

Finalists' tasks

Finalists' tasks and allocated time

Competition tasks

Competition tasks related to the Electrical Network Installations and Electrical Installations in Building Services modules.

Day 1 (7 hours)
Day 2 (7 hours)
Day 3 (4 hours)

Assessment structure

Occupational and electrical safety

  • tidiness of the work environment, the use of personal protective equipment, attention to occupational safety and electrical safety during the task

Commissioning, testing and operation

  • commissioning tests and measurements, component connections, the functionality of installations

Correct installation dimensions of fixtures

  • whether the installation heights and distances are to the specifications

Installation of devices and cables, adherence to the specification

  • straightness of wiring and the integrity of fittings, the organiser's and manufacturers' instructions

Tidiness of the installation, wiring and connections

  • internal wiring and junctions of the panel, cable installation, appearance of the installation

Customer service and documentation

  • final documentation, presentation of the finished work, user guidance given to the customer

Work methods, techniques, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship/attitude

  • use of tools, ergonomics, material handling and sorting

The competition tasks are modular, which means that each day's results can be assessed separately. The total maximum score is 100 p.

Assessment areas

  • Occupational and electrical safety 14 p
  • Commissioning, testing and operation 20 p
  • Measurements and appearance 20 p
  • Installation of devices and cables 12 p
  • Wiring and connections 12 p
  • Customer service and documentation 14 p
  • Sustainable development, and entrepreneurship/attitude 8 p

Description of the assessment procedure

Subjective/objective assessment. Competitors carry out self-assessment in the same way as in previous years.

Facilities available at the competition site

Cables, fixing supplies

The competition organiser will provide the following facilities, equipment and supplies

One ground source heat pump for each competitor, waste bins, installation and fixing supplies, installation fixtures, cables and wires.

Materials provided on site


Items which must be brought by the competitors themselves

  • hand tools (including guide bushing pliers and RJ45 crimping pliers)
  • JM20/JAPP20 pipe bender and extension spring
  • battery-powered drill
  • meters (incl. a multimeter, voltage tester and commissioning meter)
  • work bench (height max 730 mm)
  • personal protective equipment
  • The use of electrical circular saws is prohibited for safety reasons. The consumption of energy drinks is prohibited in the finals competition area.
  • Work clothing for indoors and outdoors

Competition schedule



Harri Niemi / Mäkelän sähkö Oy
Jari Peura / Jyväskylä College
Mikko Saarelainen / Sähkö saarelainen Oy
Juha Liiten / North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Jorma Kärkkäinen / Ylä-Savo Vocational College
Seppo Moisio / Turku Vocational Institute
Jari Nurmi / Turku Vocational Institute
Lauri Penttinen (head judge) / North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium

Competition steering group

Marko Kangas / Salpaus
Kalle Pärssinen / Salpaus
Juha Liiten / North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Sami Karjalainen / Kainuu Vocational College
Seooi Kuusikko / Oulu Vocational College
Jorma Kärkkäinen / Ylä-Savo Vocational College
Seppo Moisio / Turku Vocational Institute
Markku Räty / North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Jari Nurmi / Turku Vocational Institute
Lauri Penttinen / North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium


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