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Information and Communication Technology

204 IT/Software applications

Tietojenkäsittely Ilari Perämäki Oulun seudun ammattiopisto01
Kuva: Skills Finland / Minna Koponen


Ilpo Nikander
Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
puh. 044 708 0616

Mika Lammassaari
Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
puh. 044 708 0603


 204 tietojenkäsittely Joonas Krühn netti

Joonas Krühn

204 tietojenkäsittely Niko Piiroinen netti

Niko Piiroinen

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Samu Miettinen
Savon ammatti-
ja aikuisopisto

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Joona Neuman
Savon ammatti-
ja aikuisopisto

 204 Tietojenkasittely Niklas Vartiainen netti

Niklas Vartiainen
Savon ammatti-
ja aikuisopisto

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Antti Lauronen
Oulun seudun

 204 tietojenkäsittely antti pyhäluoto netti

Antti Pyhäluoto
Oulun seudun

 204 tietojekäsittely jenna ihander netti

Jenna Ihander

The Guest Competitors

Evgeniya Puzacheva / Gbou Spo Mo "SPTOT" / Russia

Overall Description of the Skill Area

During the competition the competitors carry out tasks by using office software. The competitors are also required to be able to change the settings of the software and to appropriately adjust the ergonomics of the work station.

Form of Competition

Individual competition

Competence Requirements

The competition tasks follow the AB Level of the Finnish Computer Driving Licence or Advanced Level of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).  More information about the requirements of AB or ECDL on The competitors are not required to have a Computer Driving Licence Certificate.

The fulfillment of the competition task will be accepted as the completion of the AB-licence.
The competitors are expected to have an appropriate knowledge of the English language. Part of the source material may be in a foreign language.

Competition tasks

Competition tasks at the finals and time allotted to perform them

Competition tasks

All the functions of the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional product family may be exploited in the tasks. The competition includes tool-specific tasks and “express” tasks where time and accuracy count. The modules are the integration of office software, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics and databases. 

Former final tasks available on

Competition Day 1 (time)

Task 1: Word1 (45 min)
Task 2: Power Point1 (45 min)
Task 3: Access1 (90 min)
Task 4: Power Point2 (90 min)
Task 5: Express task (30 min)

Competition Day 2 (time)

Task 1: Access 2 (75 min)
Task 2: Excel1 (75 min)
Task 3: Word2 (90 min)
Task 4: Excel2 (90 min)
Task 5: Express task (30 min)

Competition Day 3 (time)

Task 1: Integration (90 min)
Task 2: Express task (30min)


The competition tasks are modular which means that they will be assessed separately on each competition day. The total points of the competition tasks is 100 pts.

Areas of assessment

Excel: 25 %

  • i.a. search, finance, condition, time and combination functions
  • analyses
  • financial calculations
  • form control objects
  • recording macros

Access: 20 %

  • all the basic functions of Access
  • functions and data type definitions
  • surveys
  • reports
  • forms
  • automating functions with macros

Word: 15 %

  • exploitation of automation
  • form functions
  • business documents
  • document control
  • utilization of graphic instructions

PowerPoint: 10 %

  • navigation
  • image editing
  • effects and animations
  • use of multimedia resources
  • utilization of graphic instructions

Integration: 20 %

  • integration functions utilized in business

Express tasks: 10 %

  • There will be at least two express tasks that will deal with all the above mentioned programs. Also, the entrepreneurial spirit of the student will be taken into account in carrying out the tasks.

In case of a tie in total points, the scoring in separate tasks will settle the ranking of the competitors. The order of importance of the separate tasks is: Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. There may be surprise tasks in the finals which simulate the hectic pace in working life interrupting the current task. Moreover, there may be promotional competitions at the finals which promote the visibility of the category.

Description of carrying out the assessment

The tasks are compiled the way that only objective assessment is needed in evaluation.

Equipment available at the competition site

Each competitor will be provided with a regular office work station.

Equipment available at the competition site

The competitor will be provided by the following:

  • work station with Windows7 operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional tool software
  • Internet Explorer browser
  • Acrobat Reader
  • USB pen drive
  • web folder
  • Internet access
  • web printer
  • mobile phone (Windows)

The operating system and the software are in English.

Materials and equipment the competitors must bring along

All the equipment and the programs will be provided by the organizer of the competition.

Listening to music will be allowed but the competitors themselves are responsible for hearing the given instructions. The competitors should bring their own headphones.

Competition schedule

A more detailed schedule will be available later.


Risto Oksanen / Suomen liikemiesten kauppaopisto (Head judge)
Harri Hautala / Suomen liikemiesten kauppaopisto
Juhani Kuivaniemi / Kokkolan kauppaopisto
Ari Lähetkangas / Kokkolan kauppaopisto
Anssi Määttä / Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto Lieksa
Jouni Koivukangas / Turun ammatti-instituutti
Tero Avellan / Turun ammatti-instituutti
Jussi Torppa / Jyväskylän ammattiopisto
Riitta Ylihärsilä / Koulutuskeskus Sedu
Miina Rantala/Ipu Ruusunen / ECDL

Steering group

Risto Oksanen / Suomen liikemiesten kauppaopisto
Harri Hautalai / Suomen liikemiesten kauppaopisto
Juhani Kuivaniemi / Kokkolan kauppaopisto
Ari Lähetkangas / Kokkolan kauppaopisto
Anssi Määttä / Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto Lieksa
Jouni Koivukangas / Turun ammatti-instituutti
Tero Avellan / Turun ammatti-instituutti
Ilpo Nikander / Koulutuskeskus Salpaus
Mika Lammassaari / Koulutuskeskus Salpaus



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